Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Hello, everybody! I'm Dog Walker from a lot of blogs, one of them being Twelve Makes a Dozen, The Art of Autism, Utah Boy Scouts, Kiylee's Christmas and You're the Special Child. This blog I created is called Yule Love This Story. Now this might sound like it can only be seen in December, but as for me, having the ability to write stories, I just have a lot of ideas in my mind that reside on one of my favorite holidays. Which you can probably tell that my favorite is Christmas. I just love Christmastime. It's the best time of year. Whenever it comes to Christmas, it gives me a lot of ideas of stories that I want to write for children. I actually want a book published so it can be in stores or at a public library for children and adults to read. Unfortunately, my parents have been telling me that trying to find a good publisher to publish a book to go around the U.S. or even the world is not easy as it sounds and it's also expensive. I've been told that I could try to publish a story on the blog and make it public, but my parents also warn me that there are deceptive people who would want to plagiarize my stories and I was just trying to ask if anybody would possibly know if there's a way to make a story published and make sure that no one steals my ideas and use them as their own. Anyway, I don't just have the ability to write the stories, but I can also draw pictures for them, just like Eric Carle, Chris Van Allsburg, Dr. Seuss, and Mo Willems, since they won some Caldecott medals for their stories. Some of the times, I just feel like I want to be like those authors and illustrators, but come with ideas of my own and not plagiarize anyone else's ideas. If this is public and no one will plagiarize my ideas, it would be great to start writing the stories and drawing pictures for them. I'm not quite sure if it would lead to publication, but I do hope that some of these stories I wrote, even if they're taken place around Christmas time would be a life long lesson for everybody.